Project Manager

Project managements easy, right?

All you do is manage a few spreadsheets and ensure everyone turns up when and where they are supposed to.

See, easy.

If only that were the case, eh?

So, you’re a project manager. In this role, you’ll be doing what all top-notch Project Managers do well. You’ll be delivering projects, on time and within budget. You’ll be operating with a lot of independence (no breathing down your neck here) and it will be your job to keep suppliers and internal delivery teams in check. Sure, sometimes it will feel like herding cats – but you didn’t get your cat herding badge for nothing…

Well, ok. Maybe it’s not called a ‘cat herding badge’. Maybe it’s called a Prince II qualification. But I digress…

You’ll be speaking with clients on a daily basis and you’ll be managing multiple projects at once – so the skill of metaphorical juggling is key here. It’s also pretty important that you come from an IT background because you’ll need to know what the projects all about – and be able to translate that to clients in terms they’ll understand. This one will suit you down to a ‘T’ if you're en experience PM already working in the IT infrastructure space.

But seeing as you’re already a project manager – I don’t need to keep telling you what you’ll be doing… You need to know why you should come here.

Well, this vacancy didn’t come up for nothing. Our last Project Manager actually got promoted within less than a year of being with us. Due to our relatively flat structure, the sky is the limit for career progression. As well as that, you’ll truly get a work life balance – with work from home and flexible working not only offered, but actively encouraged. You’ll get a good salary and an opportunity to train and upskill whenever possible. Oh, and lots of holiday! 23 days, plus an extra for your birthday and an extra day for every years service up to five years (I’ll do the math for you, 29 days plus your 8 bank holidays!)

So…what you waiting for? Click apply, send an email, heck – even a carrier pigeon will do.

Look forward to speaking to you!